I had the good fortune to be asked along to give a keynote talk on the Information Governance Landscape at the launch of Margaret Crockett’s new book published by http://www.facetpublishing.co.uk/ on 22nd January at the British Library. The full transcript of my talk may be accessed here: ReflectionsOntheInformationGovernanceLandscape20160118. The launch was well attended and included, not only my paper, but a short and humorous talk covering Margaret’s career, given by David Leitch, Secretary General of the International Council on Archives http://www.ica.org/, and a very interesting presentation on Cyber Security by Iain Brown who engaged us with many serious security issues and the principles of CIAConfidentiality / Integrity / Accessibility. Its funny how the complementary information professions develop similar but not quite identical principles to manage the information according to their particular sector. Information Governance, according to arma.org in the USA, has principles, 8 of them, that include the letters CIA – Compliance, Integrity and Accountability oh and a second A – Availability. I don’t know about UK and USA being divided by a common language but IG and cyber security are divided by a common set of initials! In the end we are all really talking about the same issues from different perspectives – will we ever learn to join hands and form a circle of information enlightenment. Margaret’s book is full of sensible guidance for archivists and records managers, definitely worth a dip in and out of. As usual my talk is a little provocative so please get back to me with your thoughts on my thoughts.