I’ve said it before and I will say it again – Why do banks leave everything until the end of the week? Today I’ve received a letter and a phone call on the same subject and this after I had written and replied NO THANK YOU to the offer of an extended overdraft for my business account. Grrr, they do annoy me – the message on the phone is always vague and slightly menacing as if you were in trouble with them. In today’s scamming, hacking, security fearful environment don’t they know these sorts of phone calls are considered a nuisance and not to be answered, definitely not on my #SlowDownDay. Instead I’ve been to a lunchtime #pilates class, my first. It was enjoyable and relaxing especially after last Sunday’s #RunBB marathon – again a first, but great experience with our daughter www.queenofthemile.com. Check out her blog on the day. It had a brutal hilly end that saw many people struggling but still smiling or was that grimacing. The supporters were amazing all the way from Bristol to Bath; the sun shone, and the organisers did a fantastic job. Well doneĀ  www.bristolbathmarathon.com. Pre-register is open for 2016 and as I sit back in my office chair I begin to dream of a better #PB in next year’s race. Happy weekend everyone.