I lean back in my chair and dream……… about #machinelearning and #artificialintelligence #AI. I know it sounds boring but it is something that has popped in and out of my head for the last couple of months. It’s Friday and my #slowdownday is almost over. I’ve dreamily developed my thoughts on how AI is impacting our lives and my #profession.  I’ve let my #imagination drift into a world of #robots and the removal of those repetitive jobs that are just perfect for machines. But here’s the rub if we remove the lower human foundation of the work pyramid how are we going to learn and progress? #zigzag career moves; frequently changing our jobs; #jackofalltrades, perhaps?  We will need new ways of learning and educating the young; finding strong leaders will be very important; the ability to be #flexible and drive change; #social ways of working #openminds. Remember, it is ‘slow down day’ and I’m just dreaming! Let me know your thoughts too.