The day started badly with a suspected virus on my i-pad air. Seriously, on a #slowdownday. Maybe I should investigate anti-virus for smart devices. But on investigating they all had dreadful reviews. Then I took a deep breath and pressed the reset button, then forgot about it. No use stressing over something that can be rectified quite easily.  Then there was a difficult email just as I went into my lunchtime #pilates class. No matter, will deal with it later. Then there was the late payment from a client, this slowdown day was not getting easier. Then I remembered that I was traveling to Edinburgh on Sunday to give a keynote ‘Purpose, Profit, People and Science Fiction’ @IRMSScot #I2015T conference hosted by Perth and Kinross Council and the @IRMSociety. Made me think about good times past when I lived in Scotland. #goodmemories are for those days when you need to feel that all is right with the world and that really you have nothing to complain about. That’s the thing about a slowdown day – you just relax, dream and take it easy.