Well after a not so great start to the week – lots of negativity flying around – I end the week on a massive high. Little old me has been asked to give a TED talk. I can’t quite believe it. The story will no doubt unfold on these blogs as the event nears. Suffice to say that today it’s hard not to run around screaming ‘YAY’, like a child whose been told they are going to a theme park instead of school…………This week has been a week of word play. At the ARMA UK Chapter meeting @RichardJHale of @ActiveNav use the words “Exploiters and Managers” to describe those who exploit (use productively) information and those who manage it. I like his idea of the “offence and defence” of information governance and I’ve added “Influencer and Integrator” to this idea to encourage us to build multi-disciplinary circles to understand everyone’s view of information and make the best use of it, and the skills in the business……….. I’ve never been fond of the word “user” when applied to those people in a business that use a system, technology, process etc. and yesterday whilst giving a talk @ObjectiveCCC ECM user group I decided that instead what we must aim for are “Enjoyers” after all we do want the people who use technology to actual enjoy it rather than loathe it………..have a great weekend