It never ceases to amaze me how we all stay comfortably locked in our own little “professional” worlds rarely venturing beyond the borders of our domain. Occasionally when another circle bumps into ours we look at it suspiciously and worry that perhaps it may move to swallow our circle whole, spitting out those of us who don’t quite fit the new, bigger circle’s mentality and purpose. Heaven forbid we should venture into a different circle deliberately. Well I am here to tell you that if you did jump circles occasionally you would find it exhilarating, thought provoking, a little scary at first, but good nonetheless. And it’s not so different from your own circle with people focused on who and what they know and talking detail on their pet topics. The difference is that your pet topic is not being discussed and you’re #listening instead, and guess what, you do understand and you learn and you comment and bring a different perspective to the people in the new circle. It’s wonderful, stimulating, and you want to tell your circle all about it. I wonder if they will listen! My recent new circles include Big Data Week – WE Connect – The future of work series of seminars @LLoydDavis and I’m looking forward to finding more for 2016.